Steam Bathing - The Affordable Luxury

More and more people are discovering the benefits of steam bathing. Studies demonstrate that a steambath relieves tension through muscular relaxation and increases flexibility and circulation. Congestion is reduced, and skin is improved through hydration. There is some thought that the immune system is boosted through regular steambaths. They conserve water, too - an average steambath consumes less than one gallon. A personal steambath is an affordable luxury that improves your quality of life.

A custom designed  steam room is, of course, ideal, but it is easy to convert a conventional shower into a personal steambath. The compact generator can easily be installed in a nearby cabinet, closet, or other unused space up to 20 feet away from the steam room enclosure. A new or existing shower space can be upgraded for steam by adding a vapor-proof door, and lining the walls and ceiling with a waterproof material, such as ceramic, tile, cultured stone, or glass.

Auto drain systems are highly recommended as regular flushing of the generator tank will extend the life of the unit.